Sandals Royal Caribbean January 2016

We just returned from Jamaica and Sandals Royal Caribbean. If you’re not familiar with Sandals, their resorts are for couples only. They are all inclusive; all your food and drinks are included. Spa services were the only thing that was extra.

The trip was awesome. If I had to pick one thing I really loved about the trip I would have to pick the staff. They were ALL friendly, courteous and helpful. Whenever anyone walked by us they would always greet us and ask us how our day was going. First thing in the morning they’d ask us what we planned to do that day. We’d tell them relax and enjoy; they’d respond of course, you’re on vacation.

The resort was real nice. Our room had a step in circular tub for two (of course). Beautiful glass shower, double bowl vanity sink, four poster king bed, and a dresser with a 50”
television above it. There was a built-in area in the dresser for the refrigerator that was stocked with drinks; soda, wine and water and on the dresser were 5 bottles of different brands/types of alcohol. Plus it had a huge balcony with curtains you could pull for privacy and a tub on the balcony.

Our Butlers, Flo and Andrei, were amazing. If we wanted anything, we just asked them and they got it for us. One day we were feeling very lazy and had them bring lunch to the room. If we wanted, they would set up the table on the balcony and we could have dinner there.

Albert was one of the bartenders at the beach bar. He didn’t like to smile much but he made some excellent drinks. Courtney was another bartender at the beach bar that was fun to talk with.

We were able to experience a number of restaurants, but not all of them. I guess that means we will have to go back. Let me tell you that would not be a hardship at all. The food was varied and well prepared. Service was excellent. They had a buffet set up for breakfast and lunch that was good. You could have fruit, cereal, omelets, pancakes, waffles and a number of different options on the hot side. If you wanted to try some Jamaican food, you had that option as well. You didn’t go away hungry. Coffee served was Jamaican Blue Mountain and it was brewed to perfection. Plus it was served with heated milk. Staff told us that it enhanced the flavor. Oh, you can’t forget the English pub. It was a fun, casual place to go and eat or just hang out.

We spent some time at the Grill out by the beach. One side was a bar and the other side was the grill. They had some great burgers, jerk chicken, and of course drinks (top shelf, no knock off brands). Next to the Grill was a pizza oven. They made some excellent pizzas.

Now for those who always complain about the beds when you go on vacation and I include us among you; the bed was perfect. The story of Goldilocks went thru our heads – the first bed was too hard, the second bed was too soft, and the third bed was just right. Ours was just right. Both of us
slept soundly and when we woke up nothing hurt.

The weather we had while down there was beautiful. It rained a little on the last day and some of the staff would tell us “Jamaica is crying because you are leaving.”

When departing Jamaica you have the option of sitting on hard seats in the air terminal or going to “Club Mobay”, a 10,000 square foot lounge. There is a charge to go in, however it includes all your drinks, food options set out buffet style with small servings and comfortable seating. If you have a long wait, it is a nice way to spend it. If you are going to Jamaica ask about booking the lounge before you leave. Prices vary.

People ask why Sandals and I tell them service you receive and the people. We were at a dinner for returning guests. One couple had bought an emerald ring from the shop on
property. During dinner she realized her ring was missing. She had taken it off and placed it on a straw in her drink to take a picture of it. She forgot to take it off, her glass was empty and the staff took it. When she reported it missing and recounted where she last had it, the staff went thru the garbage and found it. The husband told the story to those of us sitting around after the show stating that is one reason why they keep coming back to Sandals. Honesty of the staff and the staff being willing to go above and beyond.

We left Jamaica relaxed and ready to visit another Sandals resort. We have already scheduled our next trip to Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas.

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