Celebrity Edge, December 2018

Celebrity Edge December 2018

Before getting into details about our experiences, here are some basic facts of the Celebrity Edge – A ship designed to leave the future behind.

2,918 passengers based on double occupancy
129,500 tons
1,004 feet in length
128 feet in width (beam)
27-foot draught
21.8 knots cruising speed

As we approached the Edge, the skies opened up and it began to pour. They have covered walkways but the wind was high and we got wet. There are two separate entrances to the ship for checking in based on your room category booked. On this cruise we are in a suite so I am telling you about our experiences.

Security was a breeze – there were only three people in front of us. We walked in, were greeted and told to take a seat as a representative would be coming over to check us in. Everything took maybe 10 minutes. During that time, we were offered refreshments and they had multiple places to sit and wait. After checking in, we were escorted on board and to our cabin. Even though the cabin wasn’t 100% ready, we were able to drop off our things.

We went up to the Retreat and relaxed and made our reservation for Dinner on the Edge, a one-night event where you have dinner on the Magic Carpet, and then headed to Luminae for lunch.

Celebrity has taken the life boat drill in a different direction. Rather than read the instructions on what to do which most ignore, they made a short film about a spy and your information was in it. It was interesting, and because of that, most people stopped talking and watched the film.

The staff on this ship is amazing. Everyone is friendly, greets you with a smile and goes over and above to meet and exceed your needs/expectations. Here are pictures of Felix and George. Felix was in Luminae and George was our butler.

The ship is beautiful. Things tend to flow from one place to another. There are hidden surprises. One example was the “forest” you walked thru to Eden. Aboard, you’ll feel more connected with the sea and the places you’ll visit. Eden was a beautiful example of this. Lots of plants and natural elements around. Pictures that moved like the wind was blowing thru them. And glass for the stern of the ship so no matter what level you were on in Eden, you could see the ocean.

Currently cruise ships have one main dining room on two levels. On Celebrity Edge, there are four (4) different dining venues. You can eat at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Cyprus Restaurant, Tuscan Restaurant and the Normandie Restaurant – all at no additional charge. Also, the Oceanview Cafe and the Mast Grill are available at no charge. Blu; a restaurant for Aqua Class guests only, Luminae at the Retreat for Suite Class guests only, Eden Restaurant, Dinner on the Edge, Fine Cut Steakhouse, Magic Carpet, Le Grand Bistro, Raw on 5, and Rooftop Grill are all at an additional fee. Dinner on the Edge is available only one (1) night while on the cruise, is first come first serve and you can only make reservations once you are on board.

Restaurants that do have a charge include:

 ants that do have charges include:

We had dinner at the Fine Cut Steakhouse and Dinner on the Edge. Steaks were great and the atmosphere on the Magic Carpet was fun. Service was superb.

 Pictures from around the ship

The Solarium – for adults only. A quiet, serene place on the ship. There is also a hot tub in here.

On the left is of the Martini Bar; the right a ship with waves made of pearls.

The Spa has a room that has a wall that is made of amethyst and an amethyst geode in the center.

The Theatre is on two decks and is the most technologically advanced theatre on the high seas. Regardless of where you sit the sound and views are amazing.

Picture of the pool and the cabana. Loved the chairs in the water. Cabanas can be rented for the day.

Like I said earlier, little things that are different are found around the ship. The signs in the hallways by the elevators and in the elevators change throughout the cruise.


The Edge was designed with the Magic Carpet and life boats that allow you to have a steady, even surface to board. They used these boats while in Grand Cayman as tenders. They do make you feel more comfortable getting off the tender onto the ship.

While in Grand Cayman we went to the Turtle Farm. Here turtles are raised and I think it is about 95% are tagged and released. They track where the turtles go. They also had a Cayman crocodile that ate lizards and there were a number of lizards around. We also went to Hell.

This was the maiden voyage and so was everything perfect? NO. However they are aware of the things that need to be fixed and are working on them.


Lynn Sullivan
TRAVEL with EASe services inc.
239 337-3273

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