Traveler Awareness

by Lynn Sullivan
April 15, 2018

When you visit another country, you should always check with State Department’s travel advisories, so you are aware of any problems that exist. However, the State Department can only issue an advisory based on the information they receive and as is the case with Mexico currently, they are not being given the full story on events happening.

Check out this link regarding Mexico. It says you must exercise increase caution in certain areas and there are some where it says, “Do not travel.”.

Incidents in Mexico are not always reported to the authorities and many times they are ignored by the authorities. Hotels will internalize their issues to not get a bad name and chains will tell the home office and a lot of the time you will get “We are looking into it.”. The information never gets out to the public.

With what is currently happening in Mexico, I advise my clients not to go. It is not worth having an issue to have fun and maybe save a few dollars by not going to the Caribbean. Having said that, the final decision is with you. You are responsible for your safety. However, don’t be surprised if you must sign something with the agent that says you were advised about the issue and decided to go anyway.

When you book on the internet, you are dealing with a computer and not a human being. There might be a notice in small print somewhere, but they will take no responsibility to tell you what is happening anywhere. You hear and read about how the internet shows this nice resort and when you get there it is a dump. This doesn’t always happen, but it does. It is a case of “Buyer Beware.”

Most travel agents do their best to keep up with what is happening around the world; however, there are a lot of things happening out there and they may not always be aware of it. Be safe, check things out and don’t assume that it can’t happen to you.

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